Evaluating My Prayer Life

1.   How high of a priority is prayer for you?  Is it somewhere close to the top of the list or is it an “I’ll get to it when it works out” sort of priority?

2.    How regular is your prayer life?   

3.    What do you pray for?  Are your prayers  mainly requests or are other types of prayer included as well?

 4.    When you do make requests what sort of things do you ask for?   

 5.    Do you find joy in prayer or is it usually more of a duty?

 6.    Are you growing better able to relax and to focus in prayer or is your mind always darting to and fro?

 7.    How would you like to grow in your prayer life?   

Goal:  to grow into:

1.    A regular extended prayer time (every day if possible)

2.   The regular use of a balanced variety of prayer types

3.   Asking for God’s best gifts for yourself and others

4.   Learning to talk with God throughout the day

5.   Meaningful, regular prayer time with others