When I was a student at Moody Bible Institute I once heard a professor say that he'd rather preach than eat.  At the time the statement struck me as odd.  To me, preaching seemed more like work -- a career spent cranking out perpetual term-papers.  Today, though, about 40 years later, I understand my professor.  Preaching is a lot of work, especially the preparation.  But standing behind a pulpit is now the highlight of my week.  Nowhere else do I so consistently feel the presence and power of God.  Ideas that lay dormant on paper come to life as the Holy Spirit shines through God's mighty Word. 

      I am an expository preacher, preaching longer passages through books of the Bible.  Although topical preaching can be useful (and I sometimes use it) I want our people hear verses in the larger context of the book in which they're found. I hope that they'll grasp, not just Romans 3:23, but also Romans 3 and relate Romans 3 to the rest of Romans. I love the Bible.  It's transformed my life.  As you listen to these sermons, may God draw you into His glorious presence.

Pastor 1