Memorize! mp3

Scripture memorization is a wonderfully powerful and useful tool in a committed Christian's life.  How can we grow in our ability to learn and retain verses?

Soaking in Scripture mp3

In order for the Bible to transform us (by the Spirit's help, of course) it needs to sit on our soul long enough to soak in.  A rushed, superficial interaction with it seldom allows that to happen.  How can we soak in Scripture long enough to allow it to penetrate below the surface?

The Bible-applying it mp3

Scripture is more than history or theology lesson.  It's meant to be a tool that changes our lives in practical ways.  It's meant to be lived out.

The Bible-interpreting it mp3

To get God's intended benefit from his Word we first need to understand accurately what He intended to tell us.  This allows us a truthful understanding and use of it.  What does skillful interpretation require?

The Bible-loving it mp3

It's easy for Bible-reading to become a tedious routine.  We don't normally read a book over and over and over.  It helps if we grow to love the words of Scripture.  How can we do that?